Q. Do you ship internationally?  If so, how do I pay?
A. Yes.  We ship products overseas regularly.  Please contact us for a free shipping quote.
     We accept PayPal for international orders.  PayPal payments should be sent to aaron@ballistictech.com.

Q. What calibers are available for the ballistic cards?
A. We make ballistic cards for the .308 Win., 300 Win. Mag., and .338 Lapua Mag. Ballistic Cards are sometimes referred to as range cards.
We also make custom ballistic cards.  If you need a ballistic card for a different caliber, please contact us via email; and we will be happy to help.

Q. What type of ammunition are the tactical ballistic cards (range cards) calculated?
A. We make them for Federal Gold Metal, Black Hills Match, and Winchester Ranger ammunition.

Q. Do you make range cards (ballistic cards) for hunters?
A. Yes.  We make ballistic cards for almost every caliber.  We do not list them all due to the large volume of them.  Feel free to contact us and let us know what you need.

Q. Do the ballistic cards (range cards) come with instructions?
A. Our ballistic cards are so easy to use, you won’t need written instructions.  There are instructions already implemented on the ballistic card itself.

Q. Are sniper drag bags durable and what can I put in the drag bag?
A. Drag bags are extremely rugged.  Snipers demand quality tactical gear and the drag bag delivers.  The drag bag is used to store a sniper rifle, sniper data book, ballistic card, ammo, kestrel wind meter, etc.  The drag bag can even be worn as a backpack.  The sniper drag bag is a multi-funtional tactical sniper tool/case/system.

Q. Is the sniper drag bag popular within the civilian market place?
A. The sniper drag bag can be seen on almost any given day at any shooting range.  The drag bag is very popular and useful whether military, police, or civilian.

Q. I do not have a tactical rifle nor do I shoot long-range. Will I benefit from your sniper training manual, Disciplined Precision?
A. Our sniper training manual (Disciplined Precision) will not only teach tactics and calculations, but essential marksmanship skills, how to use tactical scopes including adjusting the scopes turrets, and what you need to know and look for when selecting rifles.

Q. The sniper training manual (Disciplined Precision) talks about a .308 Win., but I shoot a different caliber. Are the calculations still applicable to my rifle and gear?
A. Sure is!! All distance calculations, wind calculations, mildot, and scope adjustments are the same, mathematically speaking. The only difference is, you will need a ballistic card (range card) for your specific caliber as external ballistics will be different. Please contact us with specifications and we will be happy to assist.

Q. Why do I need a sniper log / data book?
A. This is the most important piece to the puzzle. Our sniper log / data book will help you understand how you shoot your rifle by recording and understanding why the bullet impacted where it did.  Data such as environmental conditions, scope adjustments, etc. can be logged. This way, next time you encounter a similar scenario, you know how to make the shot with a single round. For SWAT and Military personnel, we recommend purchasing two sniper log / data books. Just in case if one has to be turned in or is lost.  When it comes to delivering the bullet, the sniper log / data book is the most important piece of tactical sniper gear.

Q. Why is one sniper log / data book more than the other?
A. We make two types of sniper log / data books.  One is made from normal paper, the other is made from Rite in the Rain paper. 

Q. Is it worth the extra cost to purchase the sniper log / data book made from Rite in the Rain paper?
A. Definitely!  Our sniper log / data book that is made from Rite in the Rain paper is invaluable.  It will protect your DOPE (Data On Personal Equipment) in any environment and can even be submersed in water without losing your data.  The normal paper sniper log / data book is not waterproof and value data could be lost.  We recommend purchasing a Rite in the Rain pen for best writing results with our Rite in the Rain sniper log / data book.

Q. Who usually purchases the sniper kits?
A. Military Snipers, SWAT Snipers, FBI Snipers, Competitors, Varmint Hunters, and Long-Range Marksmen have purchased our sniper kits.

Q. How long has Ballistic Tech been in business?
A. Ballistic Tech was founded in 2005.  We have been proudly serving Military Snipers, SWAT Snipers, Competitors, Varmint Hunters, Long-Range Marksmen, and shooting enthusiasts more effectively since our website went live in April 2007.  We sell lots of tactical sniper gear.

Q. Does Ballistic Tech offer sniper training?
A. We do not currently offer sniper training classes.  We do offer sniper training through our sniper training manual, Disciplined Precision.  For an actual sniper training class, we would be happy to refer you to one of our affliliates that do offer Military sniper training, Police sniper training, SWAT sniper training, FBI sniper training, and cilivian sniper training.

Q. How long does an average sniper training course last?
A. It depends.  Military sniper training is several weeks long.  Cilivian sniper training classes (commonly called "Precision Rifle Class") usually run from 2 - 7 days. 

Q. Is sniper training difficult?
A. Yes.  Sniper training is difficult.

Q. Does Ballistic Technologies make sniper rifles?
A. We do not make sniper rifles.  However, we would be happy to refer you to a quality sniper rifle manufacturer.

Q. How much does a typical sniper rifle cost?
A. Sniper rifles vary greatly in price.  A non-custom sniper rifle (not including scope) may run $800+.  Custom sniper rifles can range from $1,500 - $10,000+.

Q. What type of sniper rifle slings do you use?
A. We use and recommend Tactical Intervention sniper rifle slings.

Q. Are sniper rifles heavy?
A. Yes.  Sniper rifles are heavy especially when compared to standard hunting rifles.  Sniper rifles range in weight from 9 - 25 lbs+.

Q. What type of sniper gear do you recommend for starters?
A. We recommend using the sniper gear that we sell.  That's because we use everything that we sell.  We stand behind our sniper gear 100%.  We recommend Galati Gear sniper drag bags, rifle cases, range bags, etc.

Q. Is sniper gear heavy?
A. It solely depends on what type of sniper gear you are using.

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